The Latest Accessories for Your Ford Escape

Easily one of the most popular SUVs on the road, the Ford Escape has been a hit since 2000 thanks to its comfort and dependability. If you want to get the most from your Escape, you'll need a few accessories that don't always come standard. Here are a few topnotch accessories that will greatly enhance the Ford Escape ownership experience.

Roof Racks and Carriers

The Escape is a versatile vehicle that's meant to serve many purposes for many different kinds of drivers. Roof racks allow an Escape owner to transport a wide array of outdoor recreational gear like skis, snowboards and kayaks. They also make family vacations far more enjoyable by freeing up interior space that would otherwise be used for storing luggage.

Whether you're partial to roof racks, roof carriers or rear bicycle racks, you should place an emphasis on quality when buying the hardware. Racks and carriers need to stand up to the elements and occasionally take the brunt of a collision. Respected manufacturers like Thule can be counted on to deliver outstanding products that are built to last for decades.

Cargo Organizers

While a Ford Escape is a great vehicle for hauling a ton of cargo, keeping everything organized and secure is still a problem. Cargo organizers allow Escape owners to keep their groceries and windshield washer fluid from spilling all over the place. The great thing about cargo organizers is that they're not vehicle-specific accessories and can be used in other Ford models.

Arguably the most versatile cargo organizers are the soft-sided collapsible variants. These sturdy but flexible polyester totes typically feature handles that can be secured to the hooks you'll find in the cargo area of every Escape. They're also incredibly easy to clean and can be folded when they're not being used for easier storage under the rear seats.

Parking Assist Sensors

Even the most cautious drivers eventually make mistakes when backing into parking spaces or out of driveways. Parking assist sensors add value to your vehicle and prevent body damage that can cost a pretty penny in the future. These ultrasonic sensors are activated whenever an Escape's transmission is in reverse and alert you if you're too close to an obstacle.

Parking assist sensors are easy to install and will work with nearly every Ford Escape on the road. If you're mildly handy, you can install them yourself in less than an hour. Stick with a decent parking assist sensor manufacturer like Echomaster that specializes in Ford Escape accessories for the best results. Just be sure that your sensors are properly calibrated before placing your full trust in them.

Remote Starters

For Ford Escape owners that live in frigid climates, there's nothing worse than waiting for the engine to warm up when the mercury dips below zero. Remote car starters are an easy upgrade on vehicles with automatic transmissions. While you'll probably want to have your starter installed by a professional, the actual hardware itself isn't particularly complex.

A quality remote starter for a Ford Escape can be had for under $300. If you plan on selling your Escape at any point in the future, installing a remote starter will allow you to command a higher price. When you're shopping around for a decent model, try to find one with a key fob that confirms that your vehicle has indeed started.

Floor Covers

Keeping the upholstery of any vehicle clean is a never-ending struggle that you're bound to lose at some point. Regardless, high-quality floor mats and covers can greatly reduce the havoc that rain, snow, mud and salt will wreak on your carpeting. The nice thing about Escape floor mats is that they'll usually last the life of the vehicle.

The key to getting the most from your floor coverings is finding quality hardware that fits your vehicle like a glove. Rubber mats are great because they can be easily hosed down on a regular basis to remove grime and debris from a vehicle's interior. Avoid generic "universal" floor mats and opt for OEM Ford equipment to ensure that your floors are fully covered.

Seat Covers

Alongside floor mats, seat covers are the best line of defense against upholstery damage. The great thing about seat covers is that they come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. As a result, it's easy to find the perfect covers for your lifestyle that provide the right amount of protection for your specific Ford Escape.

One of the biggest mistakes that Escape owners make when buying seat covers is choosing cheap merchandise. While cut-rate seat covers might seem like a good deal, they'll end up costing you more over time since you'll have to replace them eventually. While high-quality OEM Ford seat covers might cost a little more, they deliver superior performance and stand the test of time.

Towing Kits and Recovery Hooks

While the Escape can't match the F-150 when it comes to towing and hauling, it's still a capable CUV that can pull a surprising amount of weight. Adding accessories like trailer hitch ball mounts and recovery hooks to your Escape is a great way to maximize versatility on and off the road.

When it comes to selecting the right towing gear for your Escape, it's important to find the sturdiest hardware on the market. Cheap towing accessories are a serious safety hazard that responsible Escape owners will want to avoid. Take the time to verify that the gear you've selected meets Ford's strict OEM specifications before you buy.

Tracking Down the Best Ford Escape Accessories

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